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BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Antivirus

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BullGuard is rated Excellent

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Easy to use, tough on malware

Easy to use, tough on malware. Choose BullGuard’s cutting-edge multi-layered defence system to keep all malware out. It’s also incredibly simple to install and to use, and keeps your computer fast, clean and malware free.

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  • Dave LeechClaudiu was very very patient and understanding and gave exceptional service to me and did not rush me despite my being a bit old and slow of brain ha ha
  • Customer JMLovely piece of software and wonderful to use but hasn't got much Mac support or features. I have the full package but can't use 99% due to having a Mac.
  • Michael MawIt is a first class antivirus package and I particularly like your help facility which I have used a few times and found it very effective.

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BullGuard Antivirus


Real-time protection you can rely on.

BullGuard Antivirus provides powerful layered protection against all types of malware such as phishing attempts and trojans designed to steal your banking data.

It makes short work of ransomware. When others around you are panicking you’ll be cool because you know you’re fully protected.

Game Booster

Up your game!

Game Booster optimizes CPU performance while blocking pop-ups and other annoying interruptions. You’ll enjoy noticeably smoother gaming without any lag.

Now you can stay fully protected while you kick it up to the next level. It’s game on!

Next Gen Anti-Malware

Welcome to the new era of protection.

BullGuard next gen anti-malware gives you intelligent triple layer protection.

One, it recognizes trusted sites and applications.

Two, it continually scans code for signature and anomalies associated with malware.

Three, any malware it detects is locked down in quarantine and then neutralized before infection can take place. It’s like a sentry who never sleeps, constantly on the alert for intruders.

Vulnerability Scanner

Keeps security updates up to date, and more.

Vulnerability Scanner keeps you safe by blocking access points hackers like to exploit. It automatically alerts you to missing security updates, or connections to insecure Wi-Fi networks. It also prevents applications that could contain malware from downloading automatically and checks applications and drivers have valid digital signatures.

Additionally, it cross references your network protocol against your ISP’s profile and runs checks on network encryption. Sounds complicated? That’s because it is, but don’t worry—we’ve got your back.

Enhanced Behavioral Detection

BullGuard's Sentry behavioral engine receives continuous daily updates, improving accuracy and its ability to detect and block the very latest threats.

Revamped Vulnerability Scanner

A redesigned interface enables users to spot security problems at a glance. Issues such as missing Windows security updates and poorly configured Autorun settings can be directly addressed from the interface.

They talk about BullGuard Antivirus

  • Computer Buyer. Best BuyComputer Buyer. Best Buy
  • 100% Malware Detection100% Malware Detection
  • 100% Protection100% Protection
Buy now and save $5.00!

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BullGuard is rated Excellent

Based on 1417 User Reviews

100% Money Back Guarantee

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